With trauma, the natural neural organization of the body cannot adapt.
It is necessary therefore to use the proper outside intervention that will enable the body to reuse its ability to survive and to repair the commands of the nervous system, the system that is responsible for coordinating all bodily functions that are compromised following trauma.
From this, it is possible to understand the tremendous usefulness of Neural Organization Technique, a strategy which enables the body’s recovery and the adjustment of its most intimate commands, as well as enable the path of natural healing.

Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C.
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A testimonial with a typical result:

Dr. Kitay,

My son was treated with Neural Organizational Technique (NOT) after he suffered a concussion from repeated head trauma during a football game.  We followed the doctor’s evaluation, which included rest and “wait and see†for his recovery. Within a week, his sleep was so disturbed and he had involuntary muscle twitching.  He was dizzy upon standing and had a constant headache. He missed several days of school.  On the days he did attend, he was not able to focus and was barely able to function normally.

After initial evaluation and treatment with NOT, his headache and dizziness completely disappeared and he has been recovering faster than I expected.  My son has always had regular chiropractic care, but this injury did not improve without the NOT treatment.  The NOT treatment has been a miracle that has brought him back to full functioning at an incredible speed.

For anyone who has suffered any kind of trauma or accident, there is hope for recovery through Neural Organization Technique treatments.  These treatments have helped my son heal and recover completely. I am very grateful that my son has fully recovered from this injury.



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