Microcephaly is a rare condition. It can be present at or after birth. The risk of microcephaly is increased by exposure to infections during pregnancy, such as rubella or the mosquito-bourne Zika virus. Microcephaly is often accompanied by other medical conditions, such as seizures, developmental delays, and balance problems.  The following is a testimonial from a couple whose child was not expected to survive.  She was seen by Dr. Kitay. See below


Dear Dr. Kitay

This has been a long time coming but I am finally sending you a letter regarding your treatment of me  and my family. I don’t really know where to begin so I will start with when I first consulted you almost ten years ago.

I had been injured riding horses and was in great discomfort from previous injuries in my life. I had seen a number of chiropractors and orthopedic doctors, none of whom had been able to provide lasting relief. I saw you once a week for four weeks and had been completely pain-free. This was after chiropractic treatment of three times a week for over two years.

I brought my husband to see you for a series of accidents and their ensuing consequences, including breaking his back as a teenager, tearing his rotator cuff and stress. He swears that you made him feel 100% better. We see you only when we have managed to damage ourselves.

Last, and most important, we brought you our daughter, Susan Elizabeth. She had been diagnosed with microcephaly at birth with no expectation of survival. After being treated by a leading cranial osteopath with spectacular results, we brought her to you for help in her neurological treatment. She has had her first three treatments with you and the changes we see are wondrous.

Her motor control has improved and she is beginning to use her right hand (it was the right side that was most injured). Her eyes are now focusing and tracking much better than before. She has better control of her head and limbs, the tremor that characterized much of her movement is almost completely gone. She is able to sit up with less support. The major improvement has been her attitude. She is a much happier little girl, smiling much more and laughing. She is taking a greater interest in her surroundings and is more alert. Her sleep patterns have improved in that she doesn’t wake up crying from pain or fear.

She was seen by the cranial osteopath who pronounced herself impressed by the results. Your work in integrating her neurological system and her brain was obvious immediately. I have given her your name and number because she is very interested in your work.

I have recommended you to so very many people knowing that you would be able to help them yourself or steer them in the right direction. My husband and I have great respect for you and are so very grateful for all that you are doing for our baby. We wish you every success in life.

Pamela & John