What is Candida………….And do I have it????

By Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C.

Have you ever taken a broad spectrum antibiotic for a period of time? Did you take birth control pills?   Were you on prednisone or a similar steroid?  Does your body tend to swell with the heat, and are the symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in moldy places? Does your stomach get distended and uncomfortable after eating fruit or any sugar ladened food?  Do you have constant gas pains and or severe gas? Do you have rectal itching? Brain-Fog? Discolored patches of skin? Fungus on your finger or toenails? Do have a constant sinus headache or have you been diagnosed with sinusitis?

There are millions of people with the above symptoms and more, who cannot figure out what is wrong with them or what to do about it.   If any of the above rings true for you then you may be suffering from a yeast overgrowth in your intestinal tract, that has been referred to as Candida Albicans, Candida, a systemic yeast or fungal infection.

Candida is a pathogen, caused by a fungus that develops as a  result of an overgrowth of yeast in the body. Candida can cause a wide variety of symptoms in generally healthy people to life-threatening systemic infections in individuals with impaired immunity. It may be the cause of almost all cases of the most frequently reported chronic diseases and conditions.

The problem with Candida is that it is an amazingly opportunistic and adaptive organism. All it needs for Candida to invade your gut is for something to kill off the normal flora; the bacteria that aids digestion and protects the gut from yeast.

Once the flora is damaged, yeast will invade. In ideal circumstances, Candida can double in quantity every half hour, so it takes very little time for it to populate a damaged intestine.

Once in the gut, candida creates an environment that prevents the normal flora from repopulating. The lack of flora causes mal-digestion of certain sugars, carbohydrates, minerals and trace nutrients and leaves food to rot in the gut, creating an ideal environment for the Candida.

Taking yeast medication like Diflucan or Nystatin  temporarily relieve symptoms, but unless measures are taken to correct whatever caused  Candida in the first place and to  repopulate the gut with friendly bacteria, the yeast will simply grow back, hence reports that using Diflucan or Nystatin to help alleviate symptoms, the effect at best, is usually only temporary.

Once the yeast has overgrown the gut, malnutrition will result, in the form of vitamin and trace nutrient deficiencies. In addition, the constant presence of a pathogen will stimulate the immune system twenty-four, seven, times three hundred and sixty-five days a week; eventually causing immune deficiency and severe fatigue.

Candida can manage to hide (sometimes for years) in parts of the body where traditional therapies don’t always reach, in our joints, for example, and the deep folds of the intestines. It thrives on the foods that are a large part of the typical American diet, which in addition alters intestinal pH unfavorably.  Stress contributes to its proliferation, as does refined sugar.  And because of its adaptability, it can be easily transmitted from person to person in a family. Mothers can pass it on to their children through breastfeeding, or through the birth canal, and of course, through intimate contact with their partners.

It is important to find a qualified health care practitioner that has had experience in treating people who have had Candida.

Candida can be taken care of through a special diet, proper treatment, and supplementation with herbs and or homeopathic remedies.

The symptoms mentioned in this article are all related to Candida.  With proper care it can be remedied once and for all., and you can return to a normal diet without the bothersome and sometimes debilitating side effects of the abnormal overgrowth of yeast known as Candida.

Successful Treatment for  Concussion injuries with Neural Organization Technique.

With the news media covering the NFL and the concerns regarding concussion injuries, this is a great time to present information regarding a successful alternative method geared to treating concussions.

Using Neural Organization Technique, several patients have been treated with concussion injuries in as little as three treatments.

There is no other modality that has had the same successful outcomes when addressing concussions.

 The following is an overview of Neural Organization Technique:

 There are only a handful of doctors trained in Neural Organization Technique, a powerful treatment protocol that uses the body’s innate, survival-based intelligence to regulate and heal.  This select group of doctors, trained in the Neural Organization Technique protocol is able to access specific points on the body to resynchronize this survival-based intelligence so that the body will be restored to its once normal function.  Man-made drugs lack the Natural Intelligence of the body’s own functions and chemicals, and are therefore not as effective as the Inherent Healing Powers we carry within our physical selves.  Neural Organization Technique organizes our systems so that the body’s natural properties are able to work.

There is a neurological priority system within the body which takes into account all of the survival systems and their subsystems.

Everything that happens within the body somehow manifests to the outside of the body so it can be accessed, touched, analyzed and, yes, corrected.  Everything that happens on the outside of the body must register within the body so that it can be analyzed, processed and acted upon so that the body can respond to that stimulus.  In this way, the body can take the appropriated actions to protect it or act upon the given information in some other compensatory action. All systems of natural healing must be based upon one fundamental principle: that the human body has an innate intelligence to initiate whatever process is necessary to regulate and heal itself.  A simple scratch or cut is immediately recognized by the organism’s innate intelligence to initiate the sequenced processes that repair the damage. Within all living matter, there is a free and unimpeded “flow” of a vital force (Energy). This vital life force starts in and is a primary function of the brain, and is manifested through an organized nervous system.  To carry out the mission of the life force (Energy), the body is specifically organized into systems, each contributing to the harmonious function of the whole and each interdependent on the function of the other.

Every function of the Energy is integrated through the nervous system and orchestrated by the Brain.  Everything that we need for survival, (with the exception of food, water, and air), must be found within the body itself, supporting its self-regulating ability.

 In 1979, Dr. Carl A. Ferreri, the developer of Neural Organization Technique, discovered that the body and its functions are organized into a network of reflexive survival systems. The external primary reflexive survival systems are Feeding, Fight/Flight, and Reproduction.  The Immune system is the internal reflexive survival system that ties the three external survival systems together into a cohesive life force.

 Neural Organization Technique addresses these primary innate survival systems. These systems have specific pre-programmed functions which control our everyday processes, and which by their very nature, must be inborn, innate, integrated, and fully automated from the beginning of life. The systems function as an integrated network so that each system can react to and/or with each other to ensure an organized synchronized expression of our life force.  Genetic, environmental, physical, and/or emotional trauma, diet, as well as chemical stressors, all affect or alter the autonomic innate functions of these survival systems.  A lack of organization, (disorganization), in any part of the survival network, can and will affect some other part of the network.

 Investigation with outcome assessments of thousands of patients found it apparent that the body and its multitude of functions, work precisely in a

computer like fashion with very specific programs for all body functions.  Some of these programs like the basic survival programs are inborn, while other programs are developed and created as the body’s need presents.  Further investigation proved that the created programs were built on the primary ones and therefore, in essence, were extensions of the survival programs.  Because of the limitation of space in the body and conservation of energy, parts of programs and reflexes are used and reused in different combinations to accomplish different body requirements.

 Neural Organization Technique is a hands-on non-invasive protocol that corrects disorganization within the nervous system by accessing points on the body through specific sequencing, which enables the body to return to normal function.