Scoliosis is a progressive S-shaped bending or deformity of the spine.
If we consider that the contraction of the muscles move the bones and that the muscles get their instructions from the central nervous system.  Each muscle involved in the muscle chain which is pulling the spine out of line is doing exactly what the nervous system is telling it what to do. The spine is the structure caught in the middle of two aberrant reflex systems and the spinal aberration is the result. The vertebral curves are not the cause of the condition, therefore, treatment to the spine will not have any effect on the underlying neurology of the condition causing idiopathic scoliosis.


There are four classifications of Scoliosis

1; Infantile  (0 to 3 years)
2; Juvenile (4 to 10)
3: Adolescent (11 to 16)
4: Adult Onset

The first three will have spinal deformity because the condition existed during one of the three growth stages.

Dr. Kitay and Neural Organization Technique will address the underlying cause of the Scoliosis.

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