Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C.


Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C.

Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C. is a Certified Practitioner of Neural Organization Technique.

Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.)  is a holistic physical and energy medicine modality, based in Applied Kinesiology which deals with our primal survival systems of fight/flight, feeding, reproduction, and immune.

The protocol maintains as its premise that everything that happens to us on a physical, chemical, or emotional level must be processed through one or more of these basic survival systems. Our health depends on how well these systems are maintained in their ability to receive, process and respond to sensory information as well as adapt to a constantly changing environment of both internal and external stressors.

The founding neurological principle behind Neural Organization Technique is the evaluation and therapeutic reintegration of the aberrant effects of the Vestibular System, its sub-components, and its effects on the Central, autonomic, and Peripheral Nervous Systems.

Neural Organization Technique is both a diagnostic and treatment methodology designed to address many of our present-day health issues. Neural Organization Technique. utilizes organized Kinesiology Muscle Response Testing to ascertain and evaluate imbalances BEFORE and AFTER corrections are made to make sure that changes have taken place.

As a person seeking treatment for a particular problem, you will be most satisfied with a Dr. Kitay, as a practitioner who works with a system that can be explained in simple language.

Dr. Kitay successfully aiding conditions such as:
Head Injuries, Concussions,  Fibromyalgia,  Allergies, Scoliosis, ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia, Hormonal Imbalance, Digestive disorders, Athletic Injuries, Acute/Chronic Pain and more.

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