As well as being Human, we are also Electrical Beings  Yes the Human Body is Electrical. It is organized, run, and monitored by the brain, with electrical circuits affecting systems and organs. The body has a neurological priority system that works in a Specific Organized Manner.  Neural Organization Technique is a synchronized method used to assist the brain to organize this electrical, neurological priority system being.Dr. Carl A. Ferreri discovered a Holographic Energy Template that guides the workings of the body, functioning similarly to a computer system.  He found that the body and its functions are organized into a Network of Systems. Each of these systems has a specific pre-programmed function that controls our everyday activities and by their very nature, must be inborn, innate, integrated, and fully automated from the beginning of Life.  These systems must function as an integrated network so that each system can react to and/or with another system to ensure organized synchronization. With various noxious outside stress to the body, it can cause a loss of organization of the systems, creating physical and/or visceral problems to arise.  This can also result in an imbalance within the muscle system with distortion or loss of the integrity of support structures.

When there are inappropriate physiological reactions, outside intervention is needed to accelerate the natural healing processes.  The Neural Organization Technique is based on the premise that the human body is made up of various circuits

An example of how this works is when there is an injury to the body, in an effort to protect the body, the brain directs a particular system to create a “freeze frame†or fixated file of the injury and stores it. However, in doing so, it causes certain signals, systems, and muscles to send improper messages to over and under react because of the fixation, lending itself to a chronic condition.  By using Neural Organization Technique, it will reorganize and send the proper signals to allow the brain to redirect the fixated file to release the “freeze frame†that originally caused the chronic condition. In order to eliminate the problem and not just suppress symptoms, we need to go to the source of the signal which will be found somewhere in the body’s reflex system that is coordinated in the brain and stored in a particular file like in a computer.  Neural Organization Technique is a specific protocol that corrects structural and physiological abnormalities by reorganizing the way information is transmitted in the body.  Based on the principals of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, and Acupuncture, it is a non-invasive approach in which the physician uses light to moderate digital pressure on various points of the patient’s body.  Gentle spinal and cranial bone manipulation are used as well.



Dr. Annalee Kitay, D.C.
Alternatives in Healthcare
Boca Raton, Florida