Dr. Kitay has seen people who have had a concussion or head trauma sustained in car accidents, football or other types of accidents.   If you or your child has suffered a head injury and are experiencing headaches, nausea, dizziness, or memory loss, contact Dr. Kitay today.

Below is a testimonial from a patient who sustained a concussion in a motor vehicle accident:


Dr. Kitay,

I had a car accident 3 years ago, I was at a traffic light and a car hit me from behind going about 45 miles an hour all I remember is hitting my head on my hand that was on the steering wheel and then it snapped back,

after getting an MRI it showed I had a concussion, I went home and the next day I went to see Dr Annalee Kitay for treatment for my concussion,

Before her treatment I was experiencing severe headache, my thought process was very slow, I could talk to someone but not remember their name right away, very tired and nauseous

She began to treat me and after the 3d treatment I could feel my headache leaving I was no longer nauseous, and I had more energy

After the 5th treatment my fatigue was much improved and about the 6 or 7th treatment my memory was back to normal

Wow, never have I had any symptoms since

Her treatments were amazing and fast and the most important: Lasting,